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Annual Report

Annual Report for the academic year 2018-19.

Atreya vidyaniketan is being run under a unit of Chaitanya educational trust which was established in 2005 with a mission “To make every child capable”.

In order to achieve this , We follow the path of six fold education, empowering every child and making him/her capable Physically, Morally, Mentally, Intellectually, Socially and spiritually in his/her journey of life.

The annual report showcases the achievements and glories of our school. We have always been committed to create an environment in the school which helps the young minds to blossom and provide a platform for individual thinking and holistic development of the child.

1. In the month of May and June we had Teachers in-service training and workshops

In keeping with the schools policy of continuous up gradation of knowledge and skills our teachers attended various workshops and seminars organised by the school and others. So as to improve their academic transaction skills and to update their capabilities, such as “Banjara Academy” conducted by Mr. Shridar Srinivasan and Mrs. Aruna where they highlighted on students teacher relation emotional intelligence and empathy. We also had an advocate Mr. Mahabaleshwar who explained about POCSO.

We also had a Teacher-Training programme held by Mr. Purshotham who educated our teachers in all-round formal development of a child.

Meditation classes was also conducted for our teachers during the period.

2. In the month of June we had student’s workshop for class IX and X.

We had Police Inspector of Mahalakshmipuram Police station who guided children about bringing up the awareness to become a good citizen. We also had associates of NKGSB bank Miss. Manami who explained the children about the banking system.

3. Parents Orientation meeting were conducted in the month of May and June to orient the patents to the new academic year. Teacher’s assembly was conducted in the month of May and October where all the teachers actively participated.

4. A part from children the school plans for the assembly conducted by the teachers. The children witness this at the beginning of the year in June and in the beginning of the next term in October.

5. Environment day was the first celebration of this academic year which was conducted with various activities like Drawing, tender coconut sapling, rally, cleaning the campus which helped the children to be aware of the environment.

6. Founder’s day was celebrated on 9th of June.

7. On 21st June, we observed International yoga day and World Music Day.

Children participated in doing various yoga asanas followed by Meditation.

Yoga shibir was conducted for the parents on this Ocassion .

On the same day children celebrated world Music Day children exhibited their talent by singing and played various musicial instruments.

Elementary children displayed various instruments and charts related to music and musicians.

8. Investiture Ceremony was held to select the school captain and vice-captain, sports captain, band captain and house wise captains and vice-captains. Oath will be taken up by all the leaders and they sign the oath.

9. On account of Gurupurnima children were asked to take the blessing by their parents. While at school children performed Pooja by chanting the shlokas and taking blessings from their teachers. Children also prepared prasada and distributed it.

10. Independence Day:

Independence day was celebrated on 15th of August with a patriotic spirit. The national flag was hoisted by our beloved secretary Miss Deepa Kamat. The program was highlighted by house wise and band, march past and Drill.

The day became memorable when few children recited their own poetry

11. Rakshan Bandhan:

Rakshan Bandhan was celebrated on 27th of August as a symbolic relationship between brother and sister by all the children. Children tied the rakis in the traditional way.

12. Being a Major event of our school Krishna Janamastami was celebrated with great Zeal and pomp by the children. Children sang songs, chanted shlokas and bajans.

13. National sports day was celebrated in the memory of Dhayan chand. All Captains, Teachers and all the children of the school took up the oath to mark the importance of sports in a everyday life

14. On August 31st we celebrated birthday of Dr. Maria Montessori. On this day children narrated the life history of Dr. Maria Montessori followed by various activities.

15. As our school completed 10 years of elementary journey. We gave an opportunity for the parents to put their hands on materials and get experience and understand how their children get the concepts.

Many parents came forward and participated with enthusiasm.

16. Hindi divas was celebrated in the month of September as Hindi Sapthaha.

The students took part in various activities like Kavi Samelen, skit, talked about poet and highlighted the significance of the language

17. Children’s Day was celebrated on 14th of November.

Children were more enthusatic on children’s day. Our teachers performed various activities.

Children got more emotional when they received a surprise letter from their parents.

18. Throughout the academic year every grade is allotted a duty of conducting assembly.

19. We had an interesting activity realted to election by class IX and X where the children got to know the procedures of election. In this activity along with our Secretary Miss. Deepa Kamat, all the teaching and Non-teaching staffs participated and made the event realistic.

20. It was not only children and teachers. Our parents also participated and conducted the assembly.

21. As per the Curriculum , children were taken to various places for their study trip

Students of class III were taken to Variar Bakery.

Students of Class IV Visited to planetarium.

Students of class V were taken to Gurukula.

Students of class VII visited to Gandhi Bhavan.

Students of class X were taken to VIT museum.

22. House wise competition were conducted like Lagori, Kho-Kho, Boys Kabaddi match, Girls Kabaddi match and Volley Ball. Children participated in all the competitions in great enthusiasm.

Interschool competitions was held at DPS, begaluru were our children got second place, lead by the captain Amit T A from class 6th. In state level school Olympic we got second place in kabaddi lead by the captain Bhuvan B N from class 10th and in girls lead by the captain Keerthana S B of class 10th.

Apart from academic structure we also encourage our children with co-circular activities with skill based routine. We conducted various competitions like Garland making, making working models, creative paper bag and Photo frame. Cooking is the part of elementary circulam. Every month children plan, purchase ingredients and work as a community. Dishes like chippies masala, tomato soup, green gram salad etc., were made.

23. At the onset of this academic year we have introduced meditation as a part of children’s routin. This was done to bring in children a sense of calmness and help them to control their mind and body. Initially children were taught to meditate and eventually children got into the groove of meditation.

Another of a new inclusion is Lunch with the class teacher. This include the class teacher having lunch at the table with atleast 2 children everyday. She would continue this until she gets the chance to sit with all children of the class.

Games with class teacher is another aspect of bonding between children and their class teacher. Children and teacher were seen enjoying the play time with the teacher.

Robotics have been introduced this year to help the children to learn and progress to be at par with the fast changing modern world. In his todays world Artificial Intelligence is taking the higher platform we feel that our children should progress hand in hand with the changing world and hence robotics have been introduced for the grade 4 and 5.

24. The school had organised one day picnic program for all the students. The students of 4th, 5th, and 6th were taken to funworld. The students of 7th and 8th were taken to Agri tour.

In the upcoming month i.e., in the month of February we will be having valedictory function for class 10, followed by sports day for pre primary. This academic year will end with the annual exams and the results to step into next academic year.