It is the Vision of Atreya Vidyaniketan to empower every child to becoming contributing member of our society equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to meet the challenges of a changing world and to instil in each child to aspire values of courage, honesty, loyalty, justice, respectfulness, responsibility and service to the society.

To accomplish our VISION, we WILL:


Basic skills, effective communication, ability to access and process information, responsible decision making, problem solving, critical thinking, and creative endeavors.


Acceptance, appreciation and respect among students for themselves and others in the tradition of the cultural and ethnic diversity of our community, nation and world.


Safe, positive, engaging learning environment where all students are respected as learners and independent thinkers who become future leaders and positive contributors.


Student’s environmental awareness and responsibilities.


Educational accomplishments and the excitement of learning.


The highest and greatest development of self-esteem, intellectual and creative abilities through a diverse and integrated curriculum, using varied teaching techniques and resources in a challenging, stimulating, caring and safe environment.


Understanding and appreciation of the rights, duties, privileges and responsibilities through active involvement as a citizen in an ever-changing world.


Students to live and work in a rapidly changing technological future.


Parents, students, staff and community in a partnership to take responsibility for the learning process.

We Believe:

Education is journey of life not destination

Education empowers students to discover themselves – who they are as people.

All students can learn.

A variety of teaching methods cultivates individual student learning.

All students and staff should be responsible for and dedicated to educational excellence.

A sense of belonging is essential for an individual’s well being.

Trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship support successful relationships within the school and society.

Education does not mean providing answers but means equipping students with the means to find the answers for himself and within himself.

Everyone has unique strengths, talents and needs.

Learning is a personal responsibility.

Curiosity and exploration stimulates innovation and learning.

Relevant professional development for all faculty and staff is a means to excellence.

Everyone has a personal responsibility to contribute to the wellbeing of others

Honesty and acting with integrity are essential to a healthy community.