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Kindergarten Curriculum

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Founder Friedrich Froebel established in 1837 the first school with the concept of kindergarten. His thoughts were beautifully termed in the German language as children being plants (kinder) and teachers being gardeners (Garten) nourishing the growth of the kinder, thus coming together to form the word kindergarten. Traditionally based on playing, singing, practical skills like drawing and social interaction, this pre-school approach is a key stage of transition from home to school.

Our six-fold education targets a complete development of children.


We Read. We Discuss. We Interpret.

Stories, Rhymes, Poems and all topics of interest are read and discussed each day. Child participation is highly prioritised and encouraged to improve their vocabulary, communication and self-expression.


“Children must master the language of things before they master the language of words.”

What fun to play and express by splashing colours and creating little masterpieces using materials from our well equipped Art Section. We follow a well defined Art Curriculum taught by exceptionally talented teachers.

Let the World be a canvas for your little one!


Practical activities enable the quality learning of numbers in the pre-math stage. It’s a fun learning experience applying this knowledge and method in their daily lives.

Each activity and the curriculum on the whole is carefully and meticulously designed to introduce mathematical concepts in the simplest manner progressing gradually with each stage.


“Play is the highest expression of human development in childhood for it alone is the free expression of what is in a child’s soul.”

Development of good habits and a healthy lifestyle begins now. Children now understand the importance of sport and play in a sense of self-awareness, in building strength, stamina and balance.


“The Child-soul is an ever-bubbling fountain in the world of humanity.”

To have their own opinion and to listen and respect another’s, to differentiate the right from the wrongs, to talk or let others have their say, we work tirelessly in mentoring our children and bringing out the best in them. There’s a beautiful human being and a citizen in every child.


Little magical hands can make the tastiest and healthiest of delicacies. We guide our little wonders towards healthy foods and their preparations. On occasions we have our able hands prepare a wide variety of foods from salads and sandwiches to sweets and juices during their class hours.

Do gear up Parents for some fun cook-up competitions with your little chefs!

Color Days and Colourful Ways

There’s always a reason to celebrate at Atreya. On our fun days we continue our quest for learning the fun way; colouring activities and dress up days and much more.

Our Cultural Education adds to the vibrancy and festivities with the celebration of different festivals.

Study Tours

Some on the site learning and experiencing await the little adventurers. Trips to Parks, railways stations, supermarkets, exhibitions and other places broaden social skills along with first hand information on various aspects of real life.