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8:45 am - 4:15 pm
Monday - Friday
#75/9, 15th Main Road, 11th Cross, Muniswamappa Layout, J.C. Nagar, Kurubarahalli, Bangalore


“Founded by Chaitanya Educational Trust, Atreya Vidyaniketan is a home away from home to a large number of students who come in pursuit of quality education. This institution was established on 9th June, 2005. The school was inaugurated by Paramapoojya Sri Sri Sri Virajananda Swamiji”.

The school is named after the ‘Rishi’ (sage) – Atreya, the descendent of Rishi Atri, one of the seven immortal Hindu Sage, in whom the triple entities (gunas) – Sattva, Rajas and Tamas are in perfect equilibrium. His accomplishments are detailed in the Puranas and Epics. The school has grown over the past couple of years providing education from Montessori to higher standards. Atreya Vidyaniketan provides complete education with a commitment to ensure better learning environment at all levels.


The Logo of Atreya Vidyaniketan represents the philosophy of the Institution. The circle symbolizes energy and movement towards progress and is embedded with the star that stands for the learning philosophy being followed in the school.


The ‘Star’ indicates the Supreme Spiritual Power with 6 corners, while the six small triangles depict the learning philosophy and concept of, ‘The Six-Fold Education’.

The hexagonal space created around the ‘Centre’ indicates that the space of our mind has the capacity to create through knowledge and experience. The ‘Sun’ in the ‘Centre’ of the logo indicates ‘The Supreme and Everlasting Natural Power’. The red colour is symbolic of ‘Positive Energy’ while the golden colour indicates ‘Zenith / Pinnacle’ we reach out to, to aspire values.