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The Club activities introduced at Atreya Vidyaniketan help children to have an opportunity to showcase their talent, innovations and creativity.  It connects different subjects, learning through hands-on activities, and builds their social skills.

The following clubs are in place:

  • Band club:

The Band Club prepares and encourages the children to compare and play unique and different tunes during the various school activities such as national festivals, investiture ceremony and interschool competitions.

  • Tedex:

Tedex club encourages children to give a voice to express their thoughts on various subjects, current affairs, national and international issues.

  • Sculpture:

In Sculpture club children learn the skills of carving a sculpture out of different kinds of materials like chalk piece, leaf, paper etc.

  • The Voice:

The voice club promotes music. The club activities helps our children to learn how to read and sing musical notes.  It enhances the interest and aptitude of children interested in music. Prepares them to participate in competitions.

  • Know your Roots:

This Heritage club introduces the children to their roots helps children discover and explore the value of our culture and preserve the richness of the heritage of our country.

  • Numecracy:

Children are given opportunities to go into the depth of the concept of math in real life situations and learn to apply them in day to day activities.

  • Eco Warriors:

Eco club helps the children to spread awareness about the environment. We encourage our children to participate in community work, plantation, gardening work etc.

  • Al–chemist:

This club supports the children to develop their scientific knowledge through experiments in the various branches of science

  • Spot Light:

Spot light is a theatrical club that helps children learn the skills of performing arts by learning, the art of theatre, expressing and enacting.

  • Happy Feet:

In this club children are introduced to different forms of dance. The club helps children to nurture their talents and develop dancing skills.

  • Mighty Pen:

Mighty Pen is a literary club that aims to create an interest in developing the oral speaking, writing and reading skills of children and also help the children participate in public speaking.

  • Needle ‘n’ Thread:

As the name suggests the Needle ‘n’ Thread club initiates children to the art of “Needle Work” through stitching and embroidery. It improves children’s eye and hand coordination and they learn life skills and the importance of stitching, embroidery other handworks

  • Shefastic:

In this club children learn to cook different types of dishes and also how to maintain a healthy diet. Children build an understanding of the importance of food and nutrition.

  • Art Attack:

This club gives the children a platform to explore their love for art, learn to see the world from their artistic perspective, explore their creativity, analyse different forms of art and concepts in art.

  • Star Trek:

Star trek is a club that builds on children’s love for astronomy. Children learn to observe astronomical events and phenomena around them, understand the basic concepts of astronomy like identifying various celestial bodies like stars, constellations and planets.

  • The Design Studio:

Children showcase their talents by creating new designs using technology. These clubs are well-planned and conducted every Saturday for grades 6 to 10. Children experience different learning apart from their scholastic area and explore more.