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Primary and Secondary education CBSE in Atreya Vidyaniketan

Education is the key to changing lives and world perspectives. Atreya Vidyaniketan reflects the changing needs of the 21st century keeping in mind the unchanging core values of Indian society.

We believe in child-centric education with the concept of sixfold education helping children to learn very early to focus, prioritize and effectively apply their learning in real-life situations.

Each child can learn, thrive and achieve his or her potential and most importantly, have fun in the process. The method of teaching here ignites the curiosity in children to explore and create. Well-qualified and experienced teachers help the children to grow in a right path with abundant values. With a lot of patience, care and concern, the teacher makes the classes interesting and inspiring. The classrooms are not characterized by monotonous monologues, but by highly interactive sessions.

In Atreya Vidyaniketan at the primary level, we strive to empower our students with skills and talents in a natural environment which provide the perfect setting for children to develop a love for learning and achieve Holistic development.

Curricular emphasis is on creative and critical thinking and development of inter-personal skills.

Classes I, II, III, IV and V offer the children varied activities. These include pair discussions and group discussions which are conducted to develop their language and communication skills, also the children are encouraged to speak out, discuss, analyse and debate which help in raising their confidence levels. We offer all the three languages that is English, Kannada and Hindi up to grade 1 to 8, English as first language, Kannada as second language and Hindi as third language as per three language formula of CBSE. For grades 9 and 10 we offer only English and Kannada as first and second language respectively.

We do conduct competitions in academics and sports level wise and house wise to understand their calibre and also to experience collaborative learning. The text books are as per NCF curriculum and the children will have unit tests, oral tests, periodic tests and term exams for their reflection. Assessment for classes is based on the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation system. To make evaluation more comprehensive, both scholastic and co-scholastic aspects are given equal importance. Atreya Vidyaniketan offers Karate, HPE, Yoga, Library, Shloka, SUPW and Art and Craft under Co Scholastic domain.


Atreya Vidyaniketan offers Kindergarten education at the preschool level. The approach to education is done in a manner that it involves the complete personality of the children. Activities like play, singing, practical skills form a part of the curriculum apart from the scholastic subjects like Mathematics, English, Environmental science, Kannada. The all–round development of the child with concept of six fold education is carefully planned and executed.

This method makes use of audio visual aids to create inquisitiveness and to develop thinking capacities in toddlers, mentoring children through Story, Recitation, Puppet show etc. Activities as these are made an integral part of classroom life. Cultural education to children is imparted through celebrating different festivals. Basic knowledge of healthy eating habits are demonstrated through cooking activity. To develop the social skills children are taken to the nearby places to give them firsthand information on various aspects of real life.


With a belief that the children need and enjoy work through concentration, from freely chosen work a child fulfils his/her need to be worth while to begin his/ her quest for self–actualization. On this basis Atreya Vidyaniketan offers Montessori education to children of 2.5–12 years, a method developed by Dr. Maria Montessori, which is a Child–Centred Educational Approach.

Primary Montessori

The Primary Montessori program for a mixed age group of 2.5 – 6 years at Atreya Vidyaniketan began in 2006 with 10 children and today it caters to 45 children in 2 environments under the guidance of trained teachers from Indian Montessori Training Center. The Primary Montessori curriculum consists of Exercises of Practical Life, Languages, Mathematics, Cultural areas like Geography, History, Science, Art, Music, Body and Movement etc.

The Exercises of Practical Life activities are designed in sequential steps through which the child realises order and logic that are performed as part of our daily lives. The Sensorial activities, through materials, help children gain order, relate, classify and realise the sensorial impressions of the senses that serve as keys to all other areas of learning. Language is woven into all parts of the program. This increases the children’s knowledge, organisation of thoughts, confidence, ability to express and use their mind through listening, speaking writing and reading.

Children by manipulating concrete Math materials, develop math concept in their concrete form move on to abstraction developing a love for Mathematics. The cultural areas give the children the opportunity to know and learn about History, Geography, Science, Art, Music etc. All of these areas prepare the children by 6 to enter the next new phase of learning- Elementary Montessori.

Elementary Montessori

The Elementary Montessori Program for 6 to 12 years began in 2009 with 14 children and now caters to 2 lower elementary and 2 upper elementary environments. Following the philosophy of Cosmic Education curriculum, knowledge is presented to develop in children a sense of awe and gratitude, an understanding of the role of humanity in this wonderful universe, and a sense of the work performed by those who came before them. Through innumerable stories, all the aspects of learning unfold. The areas of language, math, geometry, botany, zoology, geography, history are all represented in the environment, with materials that lead the child from concrete form to abstraction of the fundamental concepts in each area. Field trips, Going out, gardening, cooking, art and craft and all aspects of practical life that form a part of the children’s life in the environment.

The Elementary Montessori environment is a multi-age, stimulating environment with materials that invite exploration and research under the guidance of professionally trained Montessori Adults, graduated from the Indian Montessori Training Courses, Bengaluru. Elementary Montessori teachers encourage student learning by posing relevant, challenging, and thought-provoking questions, inviting and assuring that students are active participants in assessing their own work, and by maintaining a well-prepared, non-judgmental environment. Children learn to face challenges with confidence, and begin to find their own place in the world around them.